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Eureka Style U Belt 2 Pack (PN 54312 or 39266)

Genuine Eureka Style U flat belts (imprinted with two sets of double rows of dots) in a convenient 2 pack. These flat belts are Eureka brand replacements for part number 54312 and fit Eureka Victory Models 4300, 4400 and 4600 Series, Bravo and Direct Air Models 7600, 7800 and 9000 Series, Self-Propelled Whirlwind Models 5180 and 5190 Series and LiteSpeed Models 5700 and 5800 Series. Replace your vacuum cleaner belt every six to twelve months of use to maintain peak cleaning performance.

This item is KwikiVac number KV0952


Item Summary

Genuine Eureka Style U belts for Victory 43/44/4600, Bravo/Direct Air 76/7800/ 9000, self-propel Whirlwind 5180/90 and LiteSpeed 57/5800. Has 2 belts.

One package of Eureka 54312 belts is $3.99. This item is new and in stock.
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Eureka Style U Belt 2 Pack (PN 54312 or 39266)

Fits these models and others:

  • 240 Volt Bravo Model 9002A
  • 240 Volt Bravo Model 9002AM
  • 240 Volt Bravo Model 9334A
  • 240 Volt Bravo Model 9334AM
  • 240 Volt Bravo Model 9334B
  • 240 Volt Bravo Model 9334DX
  • 240 Volt Bravo Model 9334DZ
  • 240 Volt Bravo Model 9334E
  • 240 Volt Bravo Model 9334EX
  • 240 Volt Bravo Model 9730A
  • 240 Volt Bravo Model 9730AM
  • Athena Model 2902AV
  • Bagged Upright Model 5812A
  • Bagged Upright Model 5814AZ
  • Bagless Upright Model 5853A
  • Boss Genesis Upright Model 5852AV
  • Boss Genesis Upright Model 5856AV
  • Boss Genesis Upright Model 5856BV
  • Boss Genesis Upright Model 5857AZ
  • Boss Genesis Upright Model 5860A
  • Boss Plus Upright Model 9734DH
  • Boss Signature Genesis Upright Model 5813AV
  • Boss Signature Upright Model 5855AZ
  • Boss Signature Upright Model 5855BV
  • Boss Signature Upright Model 5855BZ
  • Bravo II Boss Model 7626AH
  • Bravo II Boss Model 7626BH
  • Bravo II Boss Model 7641AS
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7608A
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7608B
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7608D
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7608E
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7608F
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7609A
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7609B
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7625A
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7625B
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7640A
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7640AV
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7640B
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7640BH
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7640BV
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7640BW
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7677A
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7677B
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7677BX
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7820A
  • Bravo II Mexico Model 7880A
  • Bravo II Model 7611A
  • Bravo II Model 7611B
  • Bravo II Model 7627A
  • Bravo II Model 7642A
  • Bravo II Model 7642AV
  • Bravo II Model 7650A
  • Bravo II Model 7650AV
  • Bravo II Model 7650AX
  • Bravo II Model 7670A
  • Bravo II Model 7678AS
  • Bravo II Model 7679A
  • Bravo II Model 7679AS
  • Bravo II Model 7681A
  • Bravo II Model 7682AH
  • Bravo II Model 7683AS
  • Bravo II Model 7821A
  • Bravo II Model 7892A
  • Bravo II Model 7893A
  • Bravo II Model 7896AS
  • Bravo II Powerline Model 7680A
  • Bravo II World Vac Model 7890A
  • Bravo II World Vac Model 7890AV
  • Bravo II World Vac Model 7890B
  • Bravo II World Vac Model 7890BH
  • Bravo II World Vac Model 7890BX
  • Bravo II World Vac Model 7890D
  • Bravo II World Vac Model 7891A
  • Bravo II World Vac Model 7891AH
  • Bravo II World Vac Model 7891B
  • Bravo II World Vac Model 7891BX
  • Bravo Upright Mexico Model 9205A
  • Bravo Upright Mexico Model 9205B
  • Bravo Upright Mexico Model 9205D
  • Bravo Upright Mexico Model 9206B
  • Bravo Upright Mexico Model 9206BV
  • Bravo Upright Mexico Model 9207A
  • Bravo Upright Model 9001A
  • Bravo Upright Model 9003A
  • Bravo Upright Model 9201A
  • Bravo Upright Model 9201B
  • Bravo Upright Model 9202A
  • Bravo Upright Model 9202B
  • Bravo Upright Model 9202EX
  • Bravo Upright Model 9301A
  • Bravo Upright Model 9302A
  • Bravo Upright Model 9410A
  • Bravo Upright Model 9410AX
  • Bravo Upright Model 9410B
  • Bravo Upright Model 9410D
  • Bravo Upright Model 9410DX
  • Bravo Upright Model 9410E
  • Bravo Upright Model 9615A
  • Bravo Upright Model 9615AX
  • Bravo Upright Model 9615B
  • Bravo Upright Model 9615BX
  • Bravo Upright Model 9620A
  • Bravo Upright Model 9621AH
  • Bravo Upright Model 9621AV
  • Direct Air Upright Model 7601A
  • Direct Air Upright Model 7612A
  • Direct Air Upright Model 7619A
  • Direct Air Upright Model 7620A
  • Direct Air Upright Model 7629AH-1
  • Direct Air Upright Model 7735A
  • Direct Air Upright Model 7745A
  • Powerline Upright Model 9732A
  • Powerline Upright Model 9750A
  • Sanitaire Upright Cleaner Model S4170A
  • Self Propelled Cyclonic Upright Model 5187A
  • Self Propelled Upright Model 5180A
  • Self-Propelled Cleaner Model 5184A
  • Self-Propelled Cleaner Model 5188A
  • Upright Imperial Model 9824A
  • Upright Limited Edition Model 4462A
  • Upright Limited Edition Model 4462B
  • Upright Limited Edition Model 4462D
  • Upright Limited Edition Model 4472A
  • Upright Limited Edition Model 4475A
  • Upright Model 9622A
  • Upright Powerline Model 9740A
  • Upright Powerline Model 9751A
  • Upright Powerline Plus Model 9873A
  • Upright World Vac Model 9845A
  • Upright World Vac Model 9856A
  • Victory ACSA Model 4458A
  • Victory Canada Model 4335A
  • Victory Canada Model 4335AM
  • Victory Canada Model 4335B
  • Victory Canada Model 4335BM
  • Victory Canada Model 4335D
  • Victory Canada Model 4335D-2
  • Victory Canada Model 4335DN
  • Victory Canada Model 4335E
  • Victory Canada Model 4340A
  • Victory Canada Model 4340B
  • Victory Canada Model 4340D
  • Victory Canada Model 4340D-1
  • Victory Cleaner Model 4320A
  • Victory Cleaner Model 4320AX
  • Victory Cleaner Model 4321A
  • Victory Cleaner Model 4321AX
  • Victory Cleaner Model 4325A
  • Victory Cleaner Model 4325A-1
  • Victory Cleaner Model 4325AX
  • Victory Cleaner Model 4332A
  • Victory Cleaner Model 4332B
  • Victory Cleaner Model 4332B-1
  • Victory Cleaner Model 4332BX
  • Victory Cleaner Model 4350A
  • Victory Cleaner Model 4350B
  • Victory Cleaner Model 4352A
  • Victory Cleaner Model 4352B
  • Victory Cleaner Model 4352D
  • Victory Cleaner Model 4352D-1
  • Victory Cleaner Model 4455A
  • Victory Cyclonic Model 4485A
  • Victory HEPA Model 4372A
  • Victory HEPA Model 4470A
  • Victory HEPA Model 4470AV
  • Victory HEPA Model 4471A
  • Victory HEPA Model 4471A-2
  • Victory HEPA Model 4471AV
  • Victory HEPA Model 4475A-2
  • Victory Mexico Model 4460A
  • Victory Mexico Model 4460B
  • Victory Mexico Model 4460B-2
  • Victory Mexico Model 4466D
  • Victory Mexico Model 4466DV
  • Victory Model 4326A
  • Victory Model 4326A-1
  • Victory Model 4326AX
  • Victory Model 4374A
  • Victory Model 4377AV
  • Victory Model 4441A
  • Victory Model 4441AM
  • Victory Model 4441AV
  • Victory Model 4441BM
  • Victory Model 4465AM
  • Victory Model 4465B
  • Victory Model 4465BM
  • Victory Model 4465D
  • Victory Model 4465DX
  • Victory Model 4465DZ
  • Victory Model 4476A
  • Victory Model 4479A
  • Victory Model 4496B
  • Victory Model 4670A
  • Victory Model 4675A
  • Victory Powerline AMTEX Mot Model 4351A
  • Victory Powerline AMTEX Mot Model 4351B
  • Victory Powerline AMTEX Mot Model 4351BX
  • Victory Powerline AMTEX Mot Model 4351BZ
  • Victory Powerline AMTEX Mot Model 4351D
  • Victory Powerline AMTEX Mot Model 4351D-1
  • Victory Powerline AMTEX Mot Model 4351D-2
  • Victory Powerline Limited Edition Model 4376A
  • Victory Powerline Model 4440A
  • Victory Powerline Model 4440AV
  • Victory Whirlwind China Model 4499A
  • Victory Whirlwind China Model 4499B
  • Victory Whirlwind Model 4484A
  • Victory Whirlwind Model 4484A-1
  • Victory Whirlwind Model 4680A
  • Victory Whirlwind Model 4680AF
  • Victory Whirlwind Model 4682A-1
  • Victory Whirlwind Model 4687A
  • WCI 4327ATM Model 4327A
  • Whirlwind Model 4380A
  • Whirlwind Model 4380A-2
  • Whirlwind Model 4380AF
  • Whirlwind Model 4480A
  • Whirlwind Model 4480AF
  • Whirlwind Model 4481A
  • Whirlwind Model 4481A-2
  • Whirlwind Model 4481AF
  • Whirlwind Model 4481AF-1
  • Whirlwind Model 4481B
  • World Vac Upright Mexico Model 9834A
  • World Vac Upright Mexico Model 9834D
  • World Vac Upright Mexico Model 9834DH
  • World Vac Upright Model 9855A
  • World Vac Upright Model 9875A
  • World Vac Upright Model 9875B
  • World Vac Upright Model 9875D

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