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Kirby Knurled Belt 2 Pack (PN 301291)

Genuine Kirby belts are knurled to reduce slippage and are sold in convenient 2 packs. These belts fit all Kirby models 516 through UltimateG and are Kirby part number 301291.

This item is KwikiVac number KV2275
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Item Summary

Genuine knurled Kirby belt for model 516 through UltimateG. Reduces slippage, improves cleaning performance. Contains 2 belts.

One package of Kirby 301291 belts is $3.99. This item is new and out of stock.
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Kirby Knurled Belt  2 Pack (PN 301291)

Fits these models and others:

  • Kirby 516 through UltimateG

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